The final chapter of the show is a group of intimate works by artists who develop their own enigmatic codes to depict the world. In Władysław Grygny’s treatises, complete with drawings, elements of different systems: mathematics, physics, grammar, astronomy are combined with excerpts from texts devoted to a range of other topics, whose logic evaporates at the most unexpected points. The gravity of that mode of describing the world is underscored by a sealed revenue stamp, which features in every drawing. Iwona Mysera keeps a record of her experiences using an idiosyncratic script that tightly fills the pages of notebooks, atlases and calendars. Her liquid code is occasionally interrupted by elements of collage, digits, a notebook sheet outline. The artist destroys many of her works out of fear that someone might decipher her thoughts. Mysera’s priority is the creative act, and not the material effect. Grygny and Mysera belong to artists whose way of seeing and communicating the world through art remains a fascinating mystery.