Justyna Matysiak

Drawing artist.

Matysiak started her artistic work at the Occupational Therapy Workshop “Krzemień” in Poznań. In 2007, awarded the international Grand Prix INSITA within the 8th Triennial devoted to art brut/outsider art at the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava. That period of her practice resulted in works characterised by a reduced colour scheme that mainly represent architecture and animals. Since 2008, Matysiak has been active within the Open Workshop of the Tak Gallery in Poznań. It was at the workshop that the artist created her first largescale multi-colour drawings of female figures, which betray her fascination with fashion and incorporate self-referential texts. In these works, Matysiak openly addresses her own desires, fantasies about love and marriage, while confronting sexual taboos. The artist also creates drawings that feature objects she wishes to have: bag, shoes, hand fan, perfume. Recently, her works, and especially their integral text components, have become more and more powerful in expressing pain and protest against the artist’s existential situation. Justyna Matysiak’s works belong to many international collections of outsider art, such as Musée de la Création Franche in Bègles, Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava, Museum of Contempo- rary Art in Olomouc, State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, and other venues. 


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